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If you are ready to treat your cat with a cat scratching post then do not look further. Ozpetsupply has a wide variety of tall and short scratch posts with multiple features such as built-in Hammocks, Condos, Toys, Natural Sisal, Cactus, Sleeping area, and multiple platforms. Ozpetsupply offers cat towers and scratchers from multiple reputable brands that your cat or kitten will be going to love. Our scratch towers and tress are absolutely feline wonderlands and built to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet.


  • FOR KITTENS: Cat treehouse is a wonderful play area for young kittens with a lot of built-up energy. Cat Scratch posts give them a high-intensity activity and help them to feel comfortable at the new home. A scratch post will help them to adjust quickly to the new environment. Scratch towers with built-in toys give a lot of opportunities to young kittens to exercise and improve their health.
  • FOR YOUR FURNITURE: Cats love to scratch even if they don't have a scratcher post. This means that they will find something in your house to claw, often your furniture. If you have a scratch tower it will divert your cat's attention and they will spend time scratching on a post and will keep them from scratching on furniture.
  • FOR YOUR CAT'S HEALTH: Cats love to stretch, scratch, climb, make visual marks and leave their scent. Scratching is great for your cat's health and it keeps its claws in proper shape. It is also a great way to exercise and release stress. A cat with a scratch post is healthy and a happy cat.
  • COMMON AREA FOR YOUR ALL CATS: If you have multiple cats then a scratch post naturally becomes a meeting point for all of your cats. A scratch tower is a great way to keep your cats together since all cats love scratching.


Ozpetsupply ships cat scratch posts, scratcher trees, poles, and towers directly from Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney warehouses. Ozpetsupply provides delivery across Australia no matter where you live. We have different color options for scratch towers as well such as Grey, Black, Brown, Cream, Beige, and many others. Our Cat Scratcher posts also have different options in design, size, and height as well. If you are looking for your scratch posts to match with your furniture then you can choose a wooden post. If your cat likes to climb high then you can choose tall scratch posts which give the opportunity to your cat to sit high and be spoiled with its new scratching tree. 


  • PLAY: You can help your cat to use a new cat scratch post by playing around with it. Use a wand-type toy to encourage your cat to use the scratch tower.
  • TREATS: You can also use treats to introduce new cat scratching trees. Start giving a treat to your cat when it sniffs or investigates the scratcher post for the first time. As she becomes more familiar with it she will place her paws on it and start scratching the post.
  • CATNIP: Some cats go crazy for catnip. If you have one of these cats, put some catnip on the scratcher post on the base and top of the scratching post to make your cat comfortable with the scratcher tower as she licks it and discovers that she can scratch it as well.
  • POSITION: Place your scratcher tower in the area which your feline friend likes the most.
  • Do not force your furry friend to scratch or stretch on the post as it can affect your cat in a negative way and it may not use the post at all.


  • Make sure that the post is rigid with a solid base so that it can bear the force of the cat. If the base is not solid then it will not be able to give enough resistance to your cat.
  • When choosing a post, make sure that your furry friend will be able to scratch in horizontal and vertical positions to relieve their stress.
  • If you are buying a tall post then make sure that you assemble it properly as per assembly instructions. If you do not follow instructions then the post can fall over and hurt you or your feline friend.
  • Make sure that the post is tall enough for your cat to scratch on. For big cats, it's recommended to buy tall and big posts. If you have a kitten and you choose to buy a smaller post now then you may have to replace it when it grows up.
  • For tall posts, you may also need a wall bracket so that it is properly mounted.


If you are looking for cat products other than scratcher posts, trees, and towers, then look at Cat Beds and Litters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do Sisal Cat Scratching Posts Work?

It is a unique feature of scratch posts made with sisal that as your dog scratches them more and more, they grow softer. It becomes softer as it becomes softer, leaving your cat more inclined to scratch it.

What Should I Do If My Cat Doesn't Use This Scratching Post?

Many cat scratch posts on the market aren't solid and move when cats play with them, so they give the cat not enough resistance to scratch them. You can try installing wall mounts on a post-like to prevent it from moving. If your cat likes scratching, place the scratcher post there. The scratching post won't get used by your cat if you put it where it is convenient for you. get used to your cat if you put it where it is convenient for you. can be used by your cat if you place it where you are most comfortable. You may have to move your furniture around and change the look of your room. Ultimately, you have to respect your cat's opinions over your own. Since it is most comfortable to put your scratching post near your cat's bed, it should be near the place where he sleeps.

My cat scuffs wood surfaces. What can I do?

Make sure to remove any scratches from any wooden surface that your cat has scratched. Sandpaper can be used to remove all marks from wooden surfaces, and then wood polish can be used to refinish the wood. Your cat will scratch the wooden surface repeatedly if you keep the scratches on the surface; therefore, it will be much harder to stop him from scratching the wooden surface.

How Do I Deal With My Cat Scratching The Carpet?

The double-sided tape will prevent your cat from scratching the same area over and over again if your cat damages the carpet. You can also provide your cat with a scratching post so that it begins to use it.

What should I do if my cat scratches things in the house and damages them?

Cats scratch naturally to maintain their claws. It's part of their natural instinct. It's not naughty for your cat to scratch things in your house, so don't punish it. Your cat will stop damaging your household items once you introduce it to a scratch post.

Scratching posts for cats are made of what?

Wood, plush cloth, and sisal make up most cat scratching posts.

What's The Best Place For Cat Scratching Posts?

The area where your cat spends the most time and where it is familiar with needs to be scratched. Make sure to place tall posts in a safe area where kids can play.

When Should Cat Scratching Posts Be Replaced?

While the sisal material remains in your cat scratcher, you can keep using it as long as it's safe. If you notice that the entire sisal material has been lost from the post and is no longer used by your cat, then it is time to replace the post. For hygienic reasons, please keep the post clean regularly as well.

Where Can I Find The Best Scratching Post?

Among the best scratching posts are those that are made from natural sisal, have a sturdy base, have a sleeping area, have thick sisal ropes with a solid wooden construction, and have toy attachments for your cat to play with.

Scratching posts for cats: Do they work?

If used correctly, the cat scratching post will provide your cat with mental stress relief while also protecting your expensive furniture. That's simple, based on our research.

Cat Tree

As our house cats are related to the kings of the jungle, they seem ideal candidates to sit on thrones. This cat tree will keep your cat entertained for hours. Cat trees are exceptionally strong, tough, and have a sisal body that allows them to flex and peck their claws, remove dead skin, and mark their territory. It makes sense for cats to sit on a throne fit for royalty because, despite their petite stature, they have the genetic make-up of big cats.

Cat Scratcher

A cat scratcher can be useful in any household with cats. The elegant design of this cat scratcher leaves a very small footprint, making it great for apartments that have limited space. Designed for scratching, stretches, jumping, climbing, sleeping in hammocks, relaxing on perches, and watching over you from perches, this wood cat tree is fun and safe for all cats. We offer cat scratchers with a VARIABLE design. The parts can be added and arranged in whatever way you like for your cat. The height between platforms can be tailored to your cat's liking. Install a rope, carpet, or play around with combinations of ropes and carpets on the pole, based on how much your cat likes to scratch. 

Scratchers For Cats

With Ozpetsupply scratchers for cats, you can give your cat a thoughtful gift that they will cherish for years to come. With our scratchers for cats, your cat will have no trouble finding things to do! Climbing the slopes of the scratcher will certainly be fun for your cat! You can own this wonderful scratcher for cats today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button!

Cat Stands

There is a reason why cats enjoy sitting on cat stands, perhaps because it makes them feel safer. Cats certainly prefer being higher up than most humans in order to enjoy better views of their surroundings. You can give your cat this capability by giving it a cat stand that allows it to observe its territory while feeling safe. A cat stand placed near a window will let your cat see everything outside. It's great for two reasons: First, the cat feels safe, and second, viewing the outside is amusing for him. There are a wide variety of cat stands from Ozpetsupply, depending on your preferences. Cat stands can be found in many forms, including floors-to-ceiling systems, modern designs, and everything in between. A few of these pieces of furniture come with built-in perches, scratching surfaces, or hidey holes, so you can address two of your cat's needs with just one.

Cat Climbing Tower

There are a variety of reasons why outside cats climb trees. In a safer environment, they may be more inclined to take notice of what's going on around them. In addition, they might use trees to escape predators or hunt for prey. Indoor cats also possess these instincts. Cats can climb up a cat climbing tower and check out their surroundings, as well as get away from other cats in the house. There may even be fewer feline conflicts in the house, since cat climbing towers provide them with a place to feel secure. A cat climbing tower gives timid cats a great view of the surrounding area as they can easily see what is going on from up high while checking out what is going on. Providing your cat with a perch or hideaway on her cat climbing tower could be just what she needs if she hides most of the time and avoids going out in the open. A vertical cat climbing tower will not only provide your cat with horizontal territory, but it will provide her with a more spacious and convenient indoor environment as well. A cat climbing tower may be the perfect solution if you have more than one cat and they do not necessarily get along. Cats have their own personal spaces while sharing a climbing tower with multiple levels, hiding spots, and perches. As a great exercise option for cats, a cat climbing tower is a great choice for both kittens and adults. 

Cat Playground

The Ozpetsupply cat playground is the perfect gift for your beloved cat. The beautiful cat playground was specifically designed for active cats like your own, so your cat will cherish it for many years to come! You can watch your cat go up and down the slopes. The playground was designed with varying elevations so that your cats can climb up and down the various levels so they can take in the view from the top.

Cat Poles

The best way to keep your cat from scratching your expensive furniture is to invest in cat poles. With this cat pole, you can protect your furniture as well as encourage your cat to play and exercise. The multiple scratching platforms are upholstered in plush fabric, and the sisal poles will keep your cat's claws sharp. There are cat poles that have viewing platforms, ladders, and resting boxes so your cat can jump around safely. You won't have to worry about your cat being injured since the unit is held together by a sturdy base.

Wooden Cat Furniture

Wooden cat furniture is a great way to keep your cat busy indoors, especially if you live in a small apartment. Wooden furniture is used by cats to mark their territory with scent produced from glands on their paws, as well as for caring for their claws. Cats' claws may also remain healthy with scratching since old claw sheaths are removed. Cats scratch their furniture repeatedly in the same place, which is bad for their furniture. Moreover, having a tall post that is over 3 feet tall reduced the likelihood of cats scratching inappropriately. This is particularly important since wooden cat furniture sold in pet stores is generally much shorter than this and prevents the cat from being able to stretch fully. Give your cat a wooden cat furniture as a gift by adding it to your cart.