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Buy Interactive Puzzle And Squeaky Dog Toys In Australia


Ozpetsupply is the place to go for interactive, chewy, and plush dog toys for your new puppy or to replace your dog’s old interactive, chewy or plush toys. If your dog likes to run, jump, chew, chase, or pull, Ozpetsupply has a dog toy that meets its needs. There is a large selection of interactive dog toys, tough dog toys, dental chew toys, plush dog toys, rope dog toys, and puppy toys that you can find at for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Dog and puppy toys offer a lot of benefits besides the physical wellbeing of your pet. For example, they can be crucial when your dog is left at home for extended periods of time without any interaction which may cause boredom, frustration, and separation anxiety. All of these things can be tackled with a dog or puppy toy. We stock a wide range of interactive dog toys, such as Kong, puzzle toys, and treat toys for your younger pup or a durable and tough dog toy made to be thrown and tugged for your older dog, so that any type of dog will love them. Dog toys from Ozpetsupply are brilliantly designed to keep dogs entertained and fit, healthy, and happy.


Playing with and chewing on your personal belongings is very common among puppies and dogs. Having dogs play is beneficial to their health and wellbeing, although some pet owners may not like it since their furniture and shoes may get damaged. In addition to alleviating boredom, eliminating separation anxiety, redirecting excessive activity, promoting dental health, and stimulating jaw muscles, dog toys can also help curb destructive behavior. There are different types of dog toys for each of the purposes outlined above. Dog toys that are chewable provide your dog with hours of enjoyment and keep him occupied. It is an excellent toy for dogs with strong jaws as well as puppies who chew regularly. If your dog enjoys fetching or solving puzzles, you can give him interactive toys like the Kong range to keep him entertained. A stuffed cuddle dog toy is an excellent way to make your dog feel comfortable and safe. You can enhance your dog’s jaw strength and strengthen your bond by providing him with rope toys that feature different knot varieties, size ranges, and grip options. Tennis balls, hand-held throwers, and dog frisbees are the best toys for dogs who love to run, retrieve, throw and catch them. For dogs with a strong build that love to tug and pull, our selection of durable dog toys is ideal. Ozpetsupply recommends not simply stopping dogs from chewing or teething but redirecting the way they do it rather than attempting to stop them altogether. You’ll save your furniture and make your dog happy when you invest in an Ozpetsupply dog toy! We offer cat and dog toys for every breed: Cavoodles, Maltese-crosses, Labradoodles, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, Kelpie-crosses, and more! Dog owners are responsible for keeping their companions happy and healthy.  In addition to dog toys, please make sure your pup is well hydrated and adequately fed with the right dog water bowl and feeder. He should also have a comfortable dog bed so he can sleep well. While playing with your dog promotes cognitive function and exercise as well as creates a lasting bond between you and him. It is important to provide your dog with the right kind of toys in order for him to stay healthy. Ozpetsupply has a wide selection of dog toys, some of which are simple, such as tennis balls for fetch, but there are also toys that promote your dog’s overall well-being. Our dog toys are available in a variety of styles to stimulate your dog for a long time, whether it is an interactive puzzle toy or a chew toy. The interests of your dog will be piqued by a squeaky toy or plushie. A durable rope toy can also be used as a tug-of-war toy! In addition to toys designed for puppies in early stages, Ozpetsupply also provides toys that are more developmentally appropriate.


We have a dog toy for every dog – runner, jumper, chewer, chaser, and puller. Dogs can play with toys that are durable enough to withstand their powerful jaws and keep them busy.

  1. Dogs That Love To Run:Dogs love to show off their speed and some of them were made for it. All they want to do is run! They like kicking up grass and racing along! Our selection of dog toys for athletic hounds is huge at My Pet Warehouse.
  2. Dogs Who Love Chewing:Ozpetsupply can help you if your items are chewed up by your pet. A great range of chew toys is available, including Kong rubber toys and other rubber toys that are durable enough to keep chewers entertained for months.
  3. Dogs Who Like To Chase:Somehow, plush toys just seem to lure a dog into chasing them. It is much easier to play plush toy chase indoors than a hardball game since the toys are soft and cause less damage. Ozpetsupply has a wide variety of plush toys. Our assortment includes plush toys in various colors, sizes, and textures.
  4. Dogs Who Like To Pull:Having fun playing tug-of-war with your dog can be a great bonding experience. You should buy a dog toy that’s built for tugging instead of using your old socks. You can order tug toys from Ozpetsupply in rope, rubber, or fabric. Until either of you decides to throw in the towel, they are all designed to withstand pulling pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Should I Do If My Dog Is Possessive Of Toys?

Most of the time if your dig is possessive towards its toy then it’s just a natural response. Dogs love to be positive about things they love and want to protect them which is just natural behavior. ┬áPossessiveness is observed in few dog breed more than others indicating that there is genetics at play as well. You should see the signs of stress and anxiety which contribute towards the possessiveness in toys.

Can Dog Toys Be Washed?

Yes, most of the time you should be able to wash your dog’s toy. Make sure to look at the instructions if they are available with the toy. The best way to wash the toy is with warm water and ordinary soap. You can fill the pot with warm water and put the toy in it for a few minutes to an hour and then take it out and put it under the sun to make sure that it’s completely dried.

Can Dog Toys Go In The Dryer?

You can put your dog toy in the dryer but make sure that you put your dryer on a low heat setting so that it does not damage the toy.

How Often To Clean Dog Toys?

You should wash dog toys whenever you see they have become dirty but as a good rule of thumb, you should wash them every two weeks.

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