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Scratching Posts

Buy Cat Scratchers, Tree Houses, Condos, and Towers. Choose from different colors like Grey, Black,  Beige, and different sizes such as tall and short. All of our scratcher posts offer high-quality sisal and a strong base. These Cat Towers also include hammocks, cactus scratching post, and playing toys.

Dog Beds

Shop Dog, Puppy and Cat Beds of multiple sizes and designs such Trampoline, Donut, Plush, Soft Cushion, Mattress & Pillow styles. We also offer washable, non-toxic, beds with blankets and squeker toys. No matter if you need a bed for a small dog or for a large bed we have got your covered.


Buy Interactive, Slow Feeders, Mats, Raised Bowls and Smart Feeders for Cats & Dogs. You can choose from water bowls, food mats all of our products fit neatly in your house. Our interactive feeders are perfect combinition of a feeder and a toy and with Smart Feeders its all automated. We offer feeders from prestegious brands such as SPIN, Petstages, and Fringe Studio.


Explore Grooming Products for Cats & Dogs to make sure that your pet is maintained, healthy and froomed. We offer high qualty and easy to handle supplies such as Brushes, Clippers, Massage Combs, Scissors, Bandanas and other grooming Products for you pets. 

Fence & Enclosures

Shop Pet Enclosures and Fences to create a safe and secure place for your dog, puppy, cat, rabbits or other pets to play and exercise. All of our enclosures come in small, medium and large sizes. We offer foldable and easy to assemble fences so that its easir for your to transport.

Ramps & Stairs

Pet Portable Steps, Stairs and Foldable Ramps. Most of our ramps are washable and easy to carry around. These products can be used for pets which or old, very young or cannont climb by themselves into a car, bed or a couch. Our ramps and stairs are from premium brands which your furry friend is going to love.


Buy Strollers, Prams and Pushchairs for Cats and Puppies if you want to transport your furry friend. You can use these in situations like taking your pet to a vet or just waking in the park. These strollers help give safe and secure palce for your pets so that they are not stressed.

Dog Toys

Spoil your Dog and puppy with Puzzle, Activity, Plush, Squeaker and Chew Toys. All of our products are from premium brands such as Nina Ottosson, Outward hound, Aussie Dog, Charming Pet and Fringe Studio. We gurantee that your furbaby is going to love these toys.


Buy Apparels, bandanas, Jackets and Vests for your pets. These products can be used to give warmth to your pets and reduce stress. All of our apparels are from reputable brands to ensure that your pet gets best products available on the market.

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