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Shop Comfortable & Best Dog Beds: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dog Beds Washable?

The covers on many types of dog beds can be removed. This means that most stains and dirt can be kept out of the actual bedding. In most cases bed covers covers are washable. They can be cleaned in a washing machine with a mild, non-toxic laundry detergent. Removable covers can be washed in a washer using the instructions or laundry symbols marked on the tag. Further, they can cause drool, stains, and urine odors. You will need to deep clean in case the outer cover is penetrated leaving the inner material dirty.

Why Do Dogs Scratch And Dig In Their Bed?

These are some other reasons why dogs scratch and dig:

  1. It is common for dogs to mark their territory. They do this by secreting a distinct pheromone on the bottoms of their feet. This is similar to that secreted by cats. When a dog scratches at the bed, they are showing they have claimed it.  
  2. The desire to discover something is another reason why dogs dig. They might dig under their bed’s cushions if they think there’s something exciting underneath, like leftover food or a toy.
  3. Dogs who dig compulsively may be symptoms of anxiety if their digging is causing them to become winded rather than calming them down. A vet should be consulted if you are concerned about this. 

How Can I Protect My Dog’s Bed Against Scratching?

It’s adorable when your dog digs, but it can also be incredibly destructive when it’s not in control. You can quickly turn your new pet bed into a pile of stuffing and fabric if you aren’t careful. Even if you have a dog lover in your Instagram bio, dog scratching can quickly become a nightmare for pet owners. To prevent this from happening, you can take some measures to ensure your dog is able to enjoy his bed happily. 

  1. Make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed – It’s always a good idea to give your dog regular manicures. Regular trimming of your dog’s nails will help minimize the damage he may cause to his sleeping area. Every three to four weeks, dogs’ nails should be clipped. By trimming their nails regularly, you can prevent furniture or hardwood floor damage, as well as infections. In order to prevent any edges from developing in your dog’s nails, gently file them if they are still sharp after trimming. 
  2. Encourage your dog to play in other ways – A lack of stimulation could be the reason why your dog is scratching at their bed more than a calming night-time ritual. Keep them entertained by taking them on longer walks or by giving them toys. 
  3. Make sure your dog’s bed is durable – The problem may not be your furry friend, but the bed they’re using. Beds made from fabric and stuffing aren’t designed to withstand constant digging and scratching from your dog. So investing in a durable cover for your bed is essential. It may also be possible to keep their digging to a minimum with a comfortable bed. You and your dog might benefit from an orthopedic or memory foam dog bed.

How Many Dog Beds Should A Canine Have?

It is recommended that your dog has a bed available at all places where family members spend the majority of their time. A dog bed should be available in both the living room and family room if your family spends a lot of time watching television and playing video games. Adding a bed in the master bedroom is also a smart idea if the dog sleeps there at night.

Can Dog Beds Go In The Washer?

You should wash your pet bed in the washing machine instead of by hand. You can save yourself a lot of hassle and time if you choose a machine-washable dog bed for your fur baby. In order to prevent odours and dirt from accumulating on your dog’s blanket and outer bed cover, veterinarians recommend cleaning them weekly. 

When buying an easy-to-clean dog bed:

  1. It is advisable to have a bed that can be machine cleaned completely. Be sure to check the care tag. Beds that are smaller can be washed as a single piece in your washer.
  2. A removable, machine-washable cover might also be a suitable choice for a pet bed. If you have a large dog and a large dog bed, it’s easier to wash the cover than the entire bed. While you clean the cover, let the foam padding air out in the sun.
  3. The cover is made from high-quality fabric, which will last through repeated washings. Before purchasing, read the care label.
  4. Purchasing a waterproof liner to go under the cover will make cleaning up easier if your pet is elderly and prone to accidents.
  5. The foam padding on a high quality pet bed should be sturdy enough to prevent the pet’s body from touching the floor.
  6. According to veterinarians, your pet’s bed should be replaced annually due to wear and tear. It would make a thoughtful birthday or holiday present for your small or large dog!

Are Dog Beds Helpful For Dogs?

Joints are supported by a good dog bed – Joint problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and hip dysplasia may develop in older dogs. Providing relief from age-related health problems requires a supportive dog bed that cushions your dog’s body and cushions their joints. Dog beds ensure a good night’s sleep for puppies too, supporting their joints. Soft, supportive comfort for your dog’s body is guaranteed by beds containing special interlocking fill materials. During naps throughout the day and at night, older dogs with arthritis experience minimal pain.

  1. A comfy bed ensures a good night’s sleep – Sleep is essential to a dog’s health. According to a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports, a good night’s rest can improve your dog’s memory and make your pet smarter as well. Sleeping well enables dogs to remember new commands better, so they perform better when learning these commands. It’s important that puppies are well rested so they can learn well. Getting enough sleep is essential for dogs’ health, just as it is for people. A bit more sleep is especially important for older dogs and larger breeds compared to smaller, younger dogs. It is easier for pups to fall asleep if they have a cozy bed to snuggle up in.
  2. Relaxation Spots for Dogs – Dog beds should be an oasis for your canine friend, away from the chaos of everyday life. A dog’s den makes them happy, so they appreciate a relaxing spot. Ensure your pup has an appropriate-sized dog bed. Beds for large dogs are bigger than for small dogs. Ensure that your dog has plenty of room to stretch out and sleep. Your pup can even sleep in their crate on the bed. If your dog feels stressed, it’s a great place to hang out.
  3. It’s Easy to Clean Good Dog Beds – It’s helpful to be able to easily clean their dog bed since dogs track in a lot of dirt and pests. Choose a dog bed with a removable cover you can easily wash. By doing this, dander, hair, and germs are reduced. A machine washable and dryable bed is also a must. It is especially critical for older dogs with incontinence issues and young puppies still learning to potty. You and your dog enjoy the feeling of freshly washed bedding. Sleeping in a clean place is a must. Easy-to-clean beds will make keeping your pup’s bed fresh a snap.

Which Dog Bed Is Most Suitable For Arthritis?

A planned approach is necessary when treating your dog’s arthritis. Your dog’s health and wellbeing are affected by factors such as their overall health, diet, exercise, and body weight. It may be possible for your dog to experience improved mobility and less arthritic pain by maintaining an ideal body weight. Orthopedic dog beds are essential for supporting the treatment process. They should be complemented with pain medication, joint supplements, a special diet, and exercise. 

Orthopedic beds target arthritic joints. It should be made from thick, high-density memory foam that cradles all of your pet’s pressure points. It should also support muscles, joints and spine. Supporting the body systemically begins with spinal alignment.

Memory foam is the only material used in many Orthopedic Dog Beds. When used alone, memory foam is not sufficient to relieve pressure on your dog’s arthritis joints as your dog will sink too far into the soft surface. In order to achieve the best pressure relief, more layers are needed for support and soothing pressure relief. Additionally, your dog should be able to stretch out completely on a flat surface on the bed.

How Often To Replace Dog Bed?

The bed’s support is more significant than hygiene, which can usually be solved by washing. It is imperative that your dog is comfortable in its bed, so replacing it depends on its quality and size. The wear and tear on a bed is going to be greater in a large dog than in a smaller one. Since large dogs have strong joints and bones, they need a bed that provides more cushioning and support. Good bedding is important for smaller dogs as well, but it is usually less expensive. A good bed that fits their size is also easier to find.

The first thing you should do if your dog no longer seems interested in their bed is to wash everything and maybe even cover it with a new sheet. Most of the time, this will solve the problem. However, if your dog insists on not sleeping on it, you can show them how comfortable it is by lying down on it yourself. As a result, dogs tend to trust our judgment and will often mimic our behavior if they deem it appropriate. The best thing you can do if all else fails is to simply get a new bed. It is reasonable to replace your bed about once a year if it is no longer comfortable. You may find that the cushion has worn and flattened, and is no longer able to protect your dog from the hard floor.

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