If you are ready to treat your cat with a cat furniture then do not look further. Ozpetsupply offers wide variety of tall and  short  scratch posts. They have multiple features such as built-in  Hammocks , Condos, Toys, Natural Sisal,  Cactus , Sleeping area, and multiple platforms. Ozpetsupply offers cat towers and scratchers from multiple reputable brands that your cat or kitten will be going to love. Our products are absolutely feline wonderlands and built to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet. Shop Now !!


  • FOR KITTENS: Cat treehouse is a wonderful play area for young kittens with a lot of built-up energy. This give them a high-intensity activity and help them to feel comfortable at the new home. A cat tower will help them to adjust quickly to the new environment. They are also with built-in toys give a lot of opportunities to young kittens to exercise and improve their health.
  • FOR YOUR FURNITURE: Cats love to scratch even if they don’t have a scratcher post. This means that they will find something in your house to claw, often your furniture. If you have this product, it will divert your cat’s attention and they will spend time scratching on a post and will keep them from scratching on furniture.
  • FOR YOUR CAT’S HEALTH: Cats love to stretch, scratch, climb, make visual marks and leave their scent. Scratching is great for your kitty’s health and it keeps its claws in proper shape. It is also a great way to exercise and release stress. A kitty with a cat tower is healthy and a happy kitty.
  • COMMON AREA FOR YOUR ALL CATS: If you have many cats then a tree house naturally becomes a meeting point for your cats. A scratcher is a great way to keep your cats together since all of them love scratching.


We ship scratcher trees, poles, and stands from  Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney warehouses. Ozpetsupply provides delivery across Australia no matter where you live. We have different color options as well such as  Grey , Black, Brown,  Cream , Beige, and many others. Our Scratcher posts also have different options in design, size, and height as well. If you are looking for your posts to match with your furniture then you can choose a  wooden post . If your cat likes to climb high then you can choose  tall  tower which give the opportunity to your cat to sit high and enjoy its new scratching tree. 


Along with other popular brands we offer cat tree for cat owners. Your happy pets will love to sharpen their claws, keep their claws healthy and mark their territory. Explore our unseen deals on range of cat posts and shop online now.


  • PLAY: You can help your cat to use a new post by playing around with it. Use a wand-type toy to encourage your cat to use it.
  • TREATS: You can also use treats to introduce new cat scratching trees. Start giving a treat to your cat when it sniffs or investigates the scratcher post for the first time. As she becomes more familiar with it she will place her paws on it and start scratching the post.
  • CATNIP: Some cats go crazy for catnip. If you have one of these cats, put some catnip on the scratcher post on the base and top of the scratching post. This helps your cat to be comfortable with the scratcher as she licks it and discovers that she can scratch it as well.
  • POSITION: Place the furniture in the area which your feline friend likes the most.
  • Do not force your furry friend to scratch or stretch on the post as it can affect your cat in a negative way and it may not use the post at all.


  • Make sure that the post is rigid with a solid base so that it can bear the force of the cat. If the base is not solid then it will not be able to give enough resistance to your cat.
  • When choosing a post, make sure that your furry friend will be able to use it in horizontal and vertical positions to relieve their stress.
  • If you are buying a big post then make sure that you assemble it properly as per assembly instructions. If you do not follow instructions then the post can fall over and hurt you or your feline friend.
  • Make sure that the post is tall enough for your cat. For big cats, it’s recommended to buy high and big posts. If you have a kitten and you choose to buy a smaller post now then you may have to replace it when it grows up.
  • For tall posts, you may also need a wall bracket so that it is properly mounted.

Frequently Asked Questions For Pet Cat Furniture & Towers:

What Should I Do If My Cat Doesn’t Use This Scratching Post?

Many cat scratchers on the market aren’t solid and move when cats play with them. It means that they give the cat not enough resistance to scratch them. You can try installing wall mounts on a post-like to prevent it from moving. If your cat likes scratching, place the scratcher post there. The cat tower won’t get used by your cat if you put it where it is convenient for you. Get used to your cat if you put it where it is convenient for you. can be used by your cat if you place it where you are most comfortable. You may have to move your furniture around and change the look of your room. Ultimately, you have to respect your cat’s opinions over your own. Since it is most comfortable to put your new post near your cat’s bed, it should be near the place where he sleeps.

My Cat Scuffs Wood Surfaces. What Can I Do?

Make sure to remove any scratches from any wooden surface that your cat has damaged. Sandpaper can be used to remove all marks from wooden surfaces, and then wood polish can be used to refinish the wood. Your cat will scratch the wooden surface repeatedly if you keep the scratches on the surface; therefore, it will be much harder to stop him from scratching the wooden surface.

How Do I Deal With My Kitty Scratching The Carpet?

If your cat is scratching the carpet, there are a few things you can do to try to stop them. First, make sure they have a scratcher or other surface that they can scratch. If they don’t have anything else to play with, they’re more likely to damage the carpet. You can also try using a spray bottle with water in it to deter them from damaging the carpet. Finally, if all else fails, you can try covering the area of the carpet that they’re playing with something like duct tape or aluminium foil.

What Should I Do If My Cat Scratches Things In The House And Damages Them?

Cats scratch naturally to maintain their claws. It’s part of their natural instinct. It’s not naughty for your kitty to scratch things in your house, so don’t punish it. Your cat will stop damaging your household items once you introduce it to a cat scratcher.

What Are Scratching Posts For Made Of?

Wood, plush cloth, and sisal make up most cat posts. It is a unique feature of scratcher posts made with sisal that as your cat scratches them more and more, they grow softer. It becomes softer as it becomes softer, leaving your cat more inclined to scratch it. If you notice that the entire material has been lost from the post and is no longer used by your cat, then it is time to replace the post. For hygienic reasons, please keep the post clean regularly as well.

What’s The Best Place For Cat Tower?

The area where your cat spends the most time and where it is familiar with needs to be scratched. Make sure to place high posts in a safe area where kids can play.

Do Cat Scratching Posts Work?

Yes, they work. They provide a place for your cat to scratch and stretch without damaging your furniture. A good scratcher post will be high enough for your cat to stretch fully, and have a sturdy base so it doesn’t tip over. It’s also important to choose a post that’s covered in material that’s easy for your cat to grip, like rope or carpet. If used correctly, this gift will provide your kitty with mental stress relief while also protecting your expensive furniture. That’s simple, based on our research.

How To Clean The Post?

To clean your cat’s scratching post, start by removing any loose debris or dirt. Next, use a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any dust or hair. Finally, wipe down the post with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt or grime.

Can Cats Share Scratching Posts?

Yes, cats can share cat scratcher. In fact, it is often beneficial for them to do so as it allows them to socialize and bond with each other. Additionally, it helps to keep their nails trimmed and healthy.

How To Repair Cat Scratching Post?

If your scratcher post is starting to look a little worse for wear, you can easily repair it with a few simple steps. First, remove any loose or damaged fabric from the post. Next, use sandpaper to rough up any areas that are starting to show wear. Finally, apply a fresh layer of fabric to the post, using staples or adhesive to secure it in place. With a little bit of care, your cat furniture will last for years to come!

When To Replace A Cat Tree?

If its starting to show signs of wear and tear, it may be time to replace it. Look for posts that are starting to fray or become unsteady. Also, check to see if the post is still providing enough traction for your cat to play. If it’s not, it’s time for a new one.

How Tall Should Cat Pole Be?

It should be large enough for your cat to stretch out fully and play comfortably. It should also be stable so that it doesn’t tip over when your cat is scratching.

Can Dogs Use Scratcher Posts?

Yes, dogs can use them. In fact, many dog owners find that their dogs enjoy using the posts just as much as their cats do. The posts provide a great way for dogs to stretch and rub their backs, and they can also help to keep your dog’s nails trimmed and healthy.


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