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PaWz Cat Scratcher Scratching Board Corrugated Cardboard Condo House Large

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Protect your furniture. Redirect your cat’s energy with your new cat scratching post. Cardboard is cat-friendly. No worries if they decide to eat some.

You cut your nails. Cats claw things. Set up your cat scratcher. Direct your cat’s efforts to their corrugated cardboard home. I know I would prefer my cat to scratch it than my lounge.

Cats stretch by digging their claws in a scratching. Focus their effort on your cardboard cat scratcher. Engage their paws, legs, and muscles all the way up to their back.

Cat bed and scratching post all in one. Throw a blanket in there to give your cat a new home. Your cat can do all the zoomies then come home to rest. Tuck your cat bed where near your sofa.

No tools needed. Assemble your cat scratching board with bed together. Just line up all the parts. Push together. Now your cat can investigate their new home.

Key features

  • MDF frame
  • High-strength corrugated cardboard
  • Environmentally friendly sofa kitten bed
  • Protect your furniture from your cat’s claw
  • Keep your kitty friend active and healthy
  • Endless hours of fun


Brand: PaWz

Material: Corrugated cardboard + MDF

Dimension: 46cm x 33cm x 35cm (W x D x H)

Max capacity: 10kg

Colour: Brown


  • 1 x PaWz Cat Scratching Board
  • 1 x Installation Kit
Weight 3.530000 kg


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