Choosing Right Cat Scratching Post | Australia

Choosing Right Cat Scratching Post | 2024 Guide Australia

This guide explains how to choose the best cat scratching post for your cat. Before we go through details we need to understand: What is a scratching Post? A scratching post is the post mostly made up of wood and sisal where you encourage your cat to scratch on. 

Benefits Of A Scratch Post

  • FOR KITTENS: Cat tree house is a wonderful play area for young kittens with lot of built-up energy. Cat Scratch posts give then a high intense activity and helps them to feel comfortable at the new home. A scratch post will help them to adjust quickly in the new environment. Scratch towers with built-in toys give a lot of opportunity to young kittens to exercise and improve their health.
  • FOR YOUR FURNITURE: Cats love to scratch even if they don’t have a scratcher post. This means that they will find something in your house to claw, often your furniture. If you have a scratch tower it will divert your cat attention and they will spend time scratching on a post and will keep them from scratching on furniture.
  • FOR YOUR CAT’S HEALTH: Cats love to stretch, scratch, climb, make visual marks and leave their scent. Scratching is great for your cats health and it keeps their claws in proper shape. It is also a great way to exercise and release their stress. A cat with a scratch post is healthy and a happy cat.
  • COMMON AREA FOR YOUR ALL CATS: If you have multiple cats then a scratch post naturally becomes a meeting point for all of your cats. A scratch tower is a great wat to keep your cats together since all cats love scratching
Dark grey cat scratching post with with playing ball

Criteria To Choose The Right Post

  • Make sure that the post is rigid with solid base so that it can bear the force of cat. If the base is not solid then it will not be able to give enough resistance to your cat.
  • When choosing a post do make sure that your furry friend will be able to scratch in horizontal and vertical positions so that they can relieve their stress.
  • If you are buying a tall post then make sure that you assemble it properly as per assembly instructions. If you do not follow instructions then the post can fall over and hurt you or your feline friend.
  • Make sure that the post is tall enough for your cat to scratch on. For big cats its recommended to buy tall and big posts. If you have a kitten and you choose to buy a smaller post now then you may have to replace it when it grows up.
  • For tall posts you may also need a wall bracket so that it is properly mounted.
Rocket Style Cat Condo wooden scratching post

How To Make Your Cat Use The Scratching Post?

  • PLAY: You can help your cat to use new cat scratch post by playing around it. Use a wand type toy to encourage your cat to use the scratch tower.
  • TREATS: You can also use treats to introduce new cat scratching trees. Start giving treat to you cat when it sniffs or investigates the scratcher post for the first time. As she becomes more familiar with it she will place her paws on it and start scratching the post.
  • CATNIP: Some cats go crazy for catnip. If you have one of these cats than put some catnip on the scratcher post on the base and top of scratching post to make your cat become comfortable with scratcher tower as she licks it and discovers that she can scratch it as well.
  • POSITION: Place your scratcher tower in the area which your feline friend likes the most.
  • Do not force your furry friend to scratch or stretch on the post as it can effect your cat in a negative way and it may not use the post at all.
Wooden white Cat scratching post and condo

Which Posts Do We Recommend?

Following is the list of posts we recommend for you if your are looking to find one for your feline friend:

1Large cat treeStable wooden constructionNatural sisal posts and soft plush coverMulti-level design with ample play areasSleeping cradles, bed cubes, and ladderHanging mouse toys & hanging ropeLarge and stable baseIncludes scratching, perching, climbing, sleeping all in one piece
2 Made with 100% NATURAL durable sisal that can with stand even toughest claws encourage them to sharpen and trim their nails that keeps them away from scratching or clawing your expensive couch and furniture.
3Tall Tree with stable colourBeige colourNatural Sisal constructionCube Beds for cat to restPlaying toysModern design
4Stylish and novel, more attractive.With play balls, more interesting. Cats will like it.Wood material, firm enough. Not easy to be damaged.With installation instructions, easy to install.The condo is soft, which provides a comfortable environment.Stable, not easy to fall.
5Multi Levels with lots of activities for your cat to do.Clean and Stylish coveringSturdy and Sage constructionProtects your furnitureEasy to AssembleModern Design

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Sisal Cat Scratching Post?

Scratch posts with sisal are very special in a way that they become softer and softer as your furry friend scratches it more. As it becomes more softer, it encourages your cat to scratch it more.

I Have Purchased The Scratching Post But My Cat Is Not Using It?

There are number of cat scratch posts available in the market which are not solid and they move when cat tries to play with it i.e. they do not give enough resistance to the cat when it tries to scratch it. If you have bought  a post like then you can try attaching it to the wall with wall mounts so that it does not move. Also make sure that the scratcher post is placed in the area which you cat likes. If you put the scratching post where it is convenient for you or then your cat will not visit it. You may have to move your furniture around and play with your room décor. You have to respect preference of your cat over your own. The best place to put your new scratching post is near the bed where your cat sleeps since it is the most comfortable place for your cat.

What If My Cat Scratches Wooden Surface?

If your cat scratches the wooden surface then make sure to remove al marks from the surface. You can use sand pater to smooth out all marks from the wood and then use wood polish to make sure that the wooden surface is new again. If you keep the wooden surface with scratches than your cat will use it again and again and then it will become much more difficult to make your cat stop scratching wooden surfaces.

What If My Cat Scratches The Carpet?

If your cat scratches and damages the carpet then you can use the double sided tape so that the cat does not go to the same area again. Also provide a scratching post nearby so that your cat start using the post.

Should I Punish My Cat For Damaging Household Stuff By Scratching?

Please note that scratching is the natural instinct of your cat and they do it for their claw maintenance. Your cat is not scratching household stuff because its naught so do not punish your cat for this behaviour. Once you introduce your cat to the scratch post then it should stop damaging household stuff.

What Are Cat Scratching Posts Made Of?

Most cat scratching posts are made up of wood, plush soft cloth and sisal.

Where To Put Cat Scratching Post?

You should put cat scratching post in the area which is known to your cat and where your cat spends the most of the time. For tall posts, make sure to put it in a place where its safe for kids.

How Often Replace Cat Scratching Post?

You can keep using your cat scratcher as long as its safe to do so and there is still sisal material left. If you see that your cat has stopped using the post and all of the sisal material has been lost then that is the right time to replace your post. Also please make sure to clean the post regularly for hygienic reasons.

What Is The Best Scratching Post?

The best scratching post has following features: Natural Sisal, Has sold sturdy base, has area to your cat to sleep, Has solid wooden construction with thick sisal ropes and has toys for your cat to play.

Do Cat Scratching Posts Work?

The simple answer is yes, based on our research if used right the cat scratching post is the best tool for your cat to scratch its claws to relieve mental stress and for your expensive furniture.

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