9 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Dog Anxiety & Best Calming Dog Beds Australia

9 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Dog Anxiety & Best Calming Dog Beds Australia

9 Proven Ways To Reduce Your Dog Anxiety & Best Calming Dog Beds Australia

1. Change Your Daily Routine:

black Dog exercising on the beach

Consider how you might be able to calm your dog first before spending money on products that promise to soothe his anxiety. To help manage and improve their dog’s anxiety, pet owners must often do something different. A predictable daily routine, for example, could help your dog feel more confident and less nervous by letting him know when he gets to eat, go outside, and play with you. It’s especially important if he seems to be stressed because of separation anxiety.

2. Use A Compression Jacket For Your Dog:

Dog wearing a compression jacket to help anxiety

 Your pet may appear funny when wearing those Thundershirts, but they can often make a difference. Dogs can get help from these shirts during thunderstorms or when fireworks go off. It applies gentle, continuous pressure to your dog to reduce its fear, by swaddling him in the wraps.  

3. Use Massage To Help Calm Your Pup:

massage your dog to reduce stress

 There is anecdotal evidence that physical contact eases anxiety in dogs. It seems that pets seem to have a calmer disposition when they’re put through unpleasant situations like getting shots or having their blood drawn, even if there aren’t many studies supporting the claim.

4. Consider Professional Help:

Professional help to reduce dogs stress and anxienty

 Please don’t give up finding a way to calm your pup if you’re still struggling. Identifying the cause of your dog’s stress and finding ways to improve his health and happiness are important. Eventually, he may not just learn how to deal with whatever upsets him, and his anxiety may intensify. Consider consulting a certified applied animal behaviourist, who can help you develop a care plan for changing your dog’s underlying emotional reactions so he can resume his normal, happy life.

5. Take Your Pup For An Exercise:

Dog exercising on beach to help reduce stress and anxiety

 It is obvious that you should never leave your dog alone if your dog suffers from separation anxiety. In most cases, that isn’t possible, so using exercise as both a bonding activity and to tire out your pets is often a simple solution. If you’re leaving for a few hours, take your dog on a walk or play with a ball to de-stress him. During this period, it is also important to keep some physical contact and to talk to them. As we know, exercise produces beneficial endorphins, so it can help relieve stress as well.

6. Buy Calming Dog Beds:

dog sitting on a calming bed

 Research has shown that calming dog beds can be very helpful to make your pet comfortable and reduce their anxiety and stress. Make sure to put the bed in a place where your dog is comfortable and can enjoy its private time. Providing a comfortable bed to your place ensures that your dog is relaxed which reduces stress levels.

7. Take Some Help From Music:

dog listening to music

 Both dogs and cats have demonstrated great benefits from music therapy. Even when you’re home, in your car, or away from your pet, the power of music is soothing and relaxing. Additionally, music can also ease some dogs’ anxiety by blocking the street noises or frightening sounds that cause them to become anxious.

8. Make Your Dog Comfortable Being Alone:

dog sleeping under a blanket

 If your dog has never been left alone before, it’s difficult to blame them for getting anxious and stressed. A dog is an excellent companion, and nothing is more comforting than having a dog keep you company. If you run to the store or go to the store with your dog, at some point he’ll need to be left alone. To prevent them from becoming anxious and panicked, start preparing your dog for being alone so that they are used to it. 

9. Groom Your Dog:

grooming a dog and having shower

 An easy alternative to treating your dog is to brush him every night for 10 to 15 minutes. Your dog will appreciate it, and you will enjoy the additional time spent with them. Additionally, your dog should be checked for any sores, abrasions, or lesions on the skin, as these could be signs that your pet should be seen by a veterinarian.

Choosing The Right Calming Bed:

Here we have listed down few bed options to consider for your dog if you are in the market looking for one:

Calming dog bed with blanket:This Pet Cuddle Bundle offers fun, comfort, and warmth in one package. It’s a creative combination that makes them feel happy, puts them to sleep, and simply makes them feel rejuvenated.  A silky plush surface and spray bonded cotton filling make this a soothing bed for a quiet nap. To let your furry friend relax and let go of the stress, it is calibrated to the tiniest detail. After a day of jolly, offers a perfect amount of support. On cold days, they’re kept warm! The blanket comes with a super-soft fleece lining that melts into the skin over time.

PaWz Pet Bed Set Dog Cat Quilted Blanket Squeaky Toy Calming Warm Soft Nest Grey L - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Calming dog bed with zipper:
This bed features warm fleece interior, waterproof polyester exterior, spacious leg area, fully unzipped to a mat, tear-resistant, double zipper, tightening strap, Lightweight, compact easy to clean,

PaWz Pet Bed Dog Beds Sleeping Soft Calming Pillow Mat Small Puppy Bedding Red - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Calming dog bed with anti-anxiety:Your puppy will love sleeping on this bed, especially after a long day of playing in the yard. Texture is super soft, which can be relieving for anxious dogs. Plush on top and non-slip on bottom, it has a shaggy appearance. Your pet will be comfortable in the donut-shaped design, which is both stylish and simple. In addition to providing superior comfort, it also protects your little one from fleas, mites, and bacteria.

PaWz Pet Bed Mattress Dog Beds Bedding Cat Pad Mat Cushion Winter S Brown - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Calming dog bed with Toy:With our Pet Cuddle Bundle, you get fun, comfort, and warmth all in one. They fall into a deep sleep of relaxation, and they are simply rejuvenated because of this combination. With soft plush fabric and a spray-bonded cotton filling, this bed is perfect for a peaceful nap. The perfect solution for calming down your furry friend, to relieve stress. With this bed, your dog will get a good night’s sleep after a long day of fun.

PaWz Pet Bed Set Dog Cat Quilted Blanket Squeaky Toy Calming Warm Soft Nest Checkered XL - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Elevated Dog Bed:This pet trampoline includes a heavy-duty steel frame as well as a number of safety features to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Mold, mildew, and rot cannot take hold of the cover due to its weatherproof construction. Our aim is to provide your pet with an amazing sleeping experience and to make cleaning and caring for it as easy and straightforward as possible. Keeping your pet’s bed clean is easier when the cover can be removed and washed as needed.

PaWz Pet Bed Heavy Duty Frame Hammock Bolster Trampoline Dog Puppy Mesh XL Coffee - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Luxury Dog Bed:Your dog can sleep anywhere, but having its own space will make them much happier. Stylish and luxurious, this elevated dog bed is all you could ask for. It prevents moisture from building up beneath the bed. Whether you have a new puppy or a senior pet, a cleaner and more comfortable bed will be more comfortable. The breathable new foam bed will keep your dog comfortable during the summer and warm during the winter.

PaWz Luxury Pet Sofa Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed Cat Dog Beds Couch Sleeper Soft Grey - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Orthopaedic Dog Beds:With this bed, you can create a comfortable space for your pet. A soft and smooth texture offers your pet a moment of relaxation with a soothing touch. An innovative memory foam filling, which conforms to the shape of the body, gently sways them to a peaceful state of relaxation. They can enjoy a comfortable place to rest their heads while secretly watching over you on it’s unique supportive bolster.

PaWz Pet Bed Orthopedic Dog Beds Bedding Soft Warm Mat Mattress Nest Cushion M - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Dog Beds for Couches:With this dog bed, you can set up a comfortable space for your pet. This bed is Soft and Smooth Pet Comfy and offers a relaxing experience for your pet, offering him/her a soothing time. This mattress features memory foam filling that conforms to the shape of your body, providing the right amount of support that will ease you into a peaceful slumber. You can also rest your head on the unique bolster to keep an eye on them secretly!

PaWz Pet Bed Orthopedic Sofa Dog Beds Bedding Soft Warm Mat Mattress Cushion S - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Dog beds for Summer:
This summer bed features Memory foam filling, Ergonomic posture, Perfect body contour, Supportive bolster, Detachable cover, Machine washable, Quilted micro velvet fabric, Anti-slip bottom, Large padded bolster for comfort and is perfect for summers.

PaWz Orthopedic Dog Bed With Memory Foram Warm Mattress Plush Medium - Ozpetsupply - Pet Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is calming dog bed?
    • Calming dog beds are specially built and designed to help reduce stress and separation anxiety from dogs and puppies. They can help make your dog stay calm if combined with other stress-reduction techniques such as exercise, grooming, massage, and professional help.
  • Can I wash calming dog bed?
    • Yes, most calming dog beds are either washable or have covers that can be taken off and easily washed or dry cleaned.
  • Do calming dog beds work?
    • Research shows that dogs who supper from anxiety and stress can benefit a lot from calming dog beds. All dogs like to relax and sleep in a comfortable bed, so having a calming bed will be preferred for your dog when you are away.
  • Which calming dog bed is best?
    • There are a number of calming dog beds available in the market with different features such as removable zippers, blankets, washable and multiple sizes. Make sure that you choose the washable one and can have an appropriate size for your dog. Also, most dog owners love beds with zippers since they are very easy to clean.
  • Where to buy a calming dog bed?
    • You can buy dog beds easily from major online pet stores such as Ozpetsupply.
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