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Welcome to the fascinating world of ancient dog breeds! If you’ve ever wondered about the oldest dog breeds and their intriguing history, you’ve come to the right place. These remarkable canine companions have a rich heritage that dates back thousands of years, providing a glimpse into the ancient bond between humans and dogs.

In this article, we will delve into the captivating origins of some of the most ancient dog breeds, uncovering their unique characteristics, and shedding light on their remarkable journeys through time. From the Chinese crested dog to the Basenji, these breeds have fascinating stories to tell.

Through groundbreaking genomic studies and DNA analysis, researchers have been able to piece together the ancestral puzzle of these ancient breeds. By examining their genetic information, we have gained valuable insights into their shared lineage and the migration patterns of both humans and dogs.

So join us on this incredible journey as we explore the ancient dog breeds that have left an indelible pawprint on history. From Asia to North America, these remarkable dogs have made their mark, and their stories are waiting to be discovered.

Oldest Dog Breeds: Chow Chow & Shar Pei

When it comes to ancient dog breeds, the Chow Chow and Shar Pei are among the oldest and most fascinating. These breeds have a rich history that dates back thousands of years, showcasing their unique characteristics and contributions to different cultures.

The Chow Chow, originating over 2,000 years ago, hails from arctic Asia. This breed served as a loyal guard and hunting dog in ancient times. Not only is the Chow Chow known for its distinctive appearance, with a fluffy coat and a curled tail, but it also possesses a protective nature that makes it a fearsome companion to its owners.

On the other hand, the Shar Pei can trace its existence back to the 3rd century BC in ancient China. Originally bred to be loyal protectors of farmers’ lands and livestock, Shar Peis display impressive independence and herding skills. These ancient dogs remain renowned for their unique wrinkled skin, conveying a sense of wisdom and character.

“The Chow Chow and Shar Pei are living testaments to the enduring bond between humans and dogs throughout history.”

These ancient dog breeds hold a special place in the hearts of dog enthusiasts. Their strong, distinctive characteristics and fascinating histories make them valuable additions to any family. Whether it’s the protective nature of the Chow Chow or the independent spirit of the Shar Pei, these ancient breeds offer a timeless canine bond that has stood the test of time.

Ancient Dog Breeds: Characteristics

To further understand the characteristics of these ancient breeds, let’s take a closer look at their key qualities:

  1. The Chow Chow: Recognized for its thick, dense double coat, which can be either rough or smooth, the Chow Chow is known for its dignified and independent nature. While it may appear aloof, this breed is deeply loyal to its family and values its protective instincts to keep loved ones safe.
  2. The Shar Pei: What sets the Shar Pei apart is its unique wrinkled skin, which gives it a distinct appearance. This breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and strong-willed nature. Shar Peis are independent yet devoted to their families, making them excellent companions and protectors.

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the characteristics of these ancient breeds through a detailed comparison:

Characteristic Chow Chow Shar Pei
Appearance Distinctive with a fluffy coat and curled tail Unique wrinkled skin
Temperament Independent, protective, loyal Loyal, intelligent, strong-willed
Heritage Guard and hunting dog in arctic Asia Farm protectors in ancient China
Special Skills Guarding, hunting Herding, guarding

Ancient Dog Breeds

Ancient Dog Breeds from Asia: Akita Inu & Shiba Inu

When it comes to ancient dog breeds, Asia has its fair share of remarkable canine companions. Two notable breeds that have captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide are the Akita Inu and the Shiba Inu.

The Akita Inu, hailing from Japan, is a breed known for its resilience and ability to adapt to cold climates. Historically, it served as a hunting companion and a guardian in homes. With a strong and muscular build, this noble dog exudes an aura of strength and loyalty.

The Shiba Inu, also originating from Japan, holds the esteemed title of being one of the oldest dog breeds in existence. Despite its small size, this spirited and independent breed has made a name for itself globally. The exact origins of the Shiba Inu are still subject to debate, with some claiming Chinese roots and others attributing its heritage to Korea. Interestingly, this ancient breed bears a striking resemblance to the Korean Jindo bears, which further adds to its allure. Representations of the Shiba Inu have been discovered as early as the 5th century AD, depicting its enduring presence throughout history.

If you’re captivated by the allure of ancient dog breeds and are considering adoption, both the Akita Inu and the Shiba Inu offer a unique and fascinating connection to the past. Finding these incredible breeds in adoption centers or through reputable breeders can provide the opportunity to welcome a piece of ancient history into your home.

ancient dog breeds from Asia

Breed Origin Size Characteristics Adaptability
Akita Inu Japan Large Resilient, loyal, protective Excellent
Shiba Inu Japan Small to medium Spirited, independent, charming Adaptable

Ancient Dog Breeds of North America: Alaskan Malamute & Greenland Dog

In this section, we will explore two fascinating ancient dog breeds hailing from North America: the Alaskan Malamute and the Greenland Dog. These breeds have a rich history and unique characteristics that make them truly remarkable. Let’s dive in!

The Alaskan Malamute: An Ancient Breed of North America

The Alaskan Malamute is often hailed as the oldest dog breed in North America. Bred for hunting and sledding purposes, this magnificent breed played a crucial role during the Mongoloid migration from Siberia to Alaska. With their strong build, incredible endurance, and ability to endure harsh arctic conditions, Alaskan Malamutes were invaluable companions to the indigenous people.

ancient dog breeds for sale

The Greenland Dog: A Remnant of Ancient Times

The Greenland Dog, believed to have been brought to Greenland by Paleo-Eskimo people around 2500 BC, is another remarkable ancient breed. These dogs are renowned for their exceptional endurance and adaptability to the demanding arctic climate. Excelling in sledding and transportation tasks, Greenland Dogs exemplify the incredible bond that humans and canines have forged throughout history.

Finding ancient dog breeds like the Alaskan Malamute and the Greenland Dog for sale can be quite rare due to their historical significance and limited population. However, their presence in our lives today serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of these remarkable breeds.

Breed Origin Characteristics
Alaskan Malamute North America (Siberia to Alaska) Powerful, sturdy, sledding and hunting abilities
Greenland Dog Greenland Endurance, adaptability to arctic conditions, sledding skills

Despite the rarity of finding ancient breeds like the Alaskan Malamute and the Greenland Dog for sale, their historical significance and unique characteristics continue to captivate dog enthusiasts worldwide. These remarkable breeds serve as a reminder of the deep-rooted bond between humans and their loyal canine companions throughout the ages.

Continue reading to discover more about ancient dog breeds and embrace the timeless connection that dogs offer.

Siberian Husky & Tibetan Mastiff: Ancient Working Dogs

The Siberian Husky and Tibetan Mastiff are two ancient dog breeds that have played significant roles throughout history. These remarkable working dogs possess unique characteristics that make them truly extraordinary.

Siberian Husky: A Timeless Companion

The Siberian Husky is a breed with a rich heritage dating back an incredible 33,000 years. Originating from the Chukchi tribe in Siberia, these dogs were originally bred as family companions and working dogs. What sets the Siberian Husky apart is its enduring genetic similarity to its ancient ancestors. The DNA of modern-day Huskies closely resembles that of their ancient counterparts, showcasing the resilience and adaptability that have kept this breed thriving for thousands of years.

Tibetan Mastiff: Guardians of the Himalayas

The Tibetan Mastiff is considered the progenitor of all Mastiff breeds. With origins dating back around 58,000 years, these magnificent dogs served as guardians of the Himalayas. Revered for their immense strength, loyalty, and territorial instincts, Tibetan Mastiffs protected monasteries, villages, and livestock in the challenging mountainous regions. It is believed that they were occasionally gifted to travelers, leading to the development of Mastiff breeds in the Middle East and Europe.

ancient dog breeds characteristics

These ancient working dogs capture our imagination with their incredible histories and unique traits. The Siberian Husky’s enduring connection to its ancient ancestors and the Tibetan Mastiff’s role as a legendary guardian highlight their respective importance in ancient civilizations. While the Siberian Husky remains a beloved family companion, the rarity and regality of the Tibetan Mastiff make it a sought-after breed.

Chinese Saluki & Basenji: Ancient Breeds with Rich Origins

Delve into the fascinating history of the Chinese Saluki and the Basenji, two ancient dog breeds with rich origins that have captivated dog lovers for centuries.

Chinese Saluki – The Hare Hunter and Watch Dog

The Chinese Saluki, also known as the Shanxi Xigou, holds a prestigious position in ancient Chinese history. Dating back to 685 BC, this breed was highly valued for its exceptional hunting skills and served as a proficient hare hunter and protective watch dog during China’s Tang Dynasty.

The Chinese Saluki is an elegant and agile breed, known for its graceful appearance and keen intelligence. With a sleek and slender body, they possess remarkable speed and endurance, making them ideal companions for hunting expeditions. Their unwavering loyalty and strong guarding instincts also made them prized protectors of households, ensuring the safety of their owners and their property.

Basenji – The Oldest Breed in the World

Backed by scientific study, the Basenji holds the title of the oldest dog breed in the world. Its origins can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Africa, where it played a crucial role in hunting and prey tracking.

The Basenji is a small to medium-sized breed with a distinctive appearance. Known for its alertness and intelligence, it has an independent and somewhat aloof nature. With its characteristic curly tail and expressive almond-shaped eyes, the Basenji possesses a unique charm that has captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide.

Notably, the Basenji became popular in ancient Egypt, where it was highly regarded as a valued companion and hunter. This breed’s presence is depicted in Egyptian tombs and has even influenced the art of other civilizations, such as the Mesopotamians.

Ancient Dog Breeds - Chinese Saluki and Basenji

Comparison between Chinese Saluki and Basenji
Chinese Saluki Basenji
Origin: China, circa 685 BC Origin: Africa, ancient times
Function: Hare hunting, protective watch dog Function: Hunting, prey tracking
Appearance: Sleek, slender body Appearance: Small to medium-sized, curly tail
Traits: Graceful, intelligent, loyal Traits: Independent, aloof, alert
Historical Significance: Tang Dynasty, China Historical Significance: Ancient Egypt, influenced art


Exploring ancient dog breeds reveals the rich history and enduring legacy of our canine companions. From the Chinese crested dog tracing its ancestry to the first dogs in the Americas to breeds like the Basenji, with origins dating back thousands of years, these ancient breeds hold a special place in our hearts.

Their characteristics and histories add an extra layer of fascination to the world of dog breeds, reminding us of the enduring bond between humans and dogs throughout time. The connection we share with our four-legged friends goes beyond companionship, reflecting a timeless canine bond that has captivated us for centuries.

So embrace the beauty and mystique of ancient dog breeds and dive into their captivating histories. Discover the remarkable stories behind these breeds, their roles in ancient civilizations, and the incredible adaptations they developed over generations. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient dog breeds and experience the timeless connection between humans and dogs that has captivated hearts throughout history.


What are ancient dog breeds?

Ancient dog breeds are breeds that have a long history and can trace their origins back thousands of years. They often have unique characteristics and are closely related to the first dogs that were domesticated by humans.

What are the oldest dog breeds?

Some of the oldest dog breeds include the Chow Chow and the Shar Pei, which have origins dating back over 2,000 years. These ancient breeds have been around for centuries and have a rich history.

Where do ancient dog breeds come from?

Ancient dog breeds come from various regions, including Asia, North America, and Africa. They have been bred for specific purposes and have adapted to different environments.

Can I adopt an ancient dog breed?

Yes, it is possible to adopt an ancient dog breed. However, due to their rarity, finding an ancient breed for adoption may be more challenging compared to adopting a more common breed. It is important to research and work with reputable breeders or rescue organizations.

Are ancient dog breeds for sale?

Yes, ancient dog breeds are sometimes available for sale through reputable breeders. However, due to their rarity and popularity, they may come at a higher price compared to other dog breeds. It is important to ensure that you are purchasing from a responsible and ethical breeder.

What are the characteristics of ancient dog breeds?

Ancient dog breeds often have distinct physical characteristics and temperaments. For example, some ancient breeds like the Chow Chow and Shar Pei are known for their unique appearances and protective nature. Each ancient breed has its own set of characteristics that make it special.

What is the history of ancient dog breeds?

The history of ancient dog breeds dates back thousands of years. They have played various roles in human societies, including hunting, guarding, and companionship. Their origins and migration patterns can be traced through genetic studies and archaeological findings.

How can I learn more about ancient dog breeds?

If you are interested in learning more about ancient dog breeds, there are several resources available, including books, online forums, and breed-specific clubs or organizations. These sources can provide valuable information about the history, characteristics, and care of ancient breeds.

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