PaWz Interactive Pet Toy Set Cat Tunnel Bed Feather Teaser Dog Scratching Board

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Watch your cat zoom around and play with their cat toys. Leap. Play. Bat. Chew. Scratch. Cuddle. Give your cat lots of interactive options to play with. Crawl and wriggle down the tunnel.

Cats will sleep on anything. The cat box is really a cat scratching pad but who knows what your cat will do? Will it be a furry refuge or a place to scratch their claws on? Why not both?

Jump, rest, and play. Almost no assembly before your cat can bat around their self-play cat wand toy. Your cat can scratch their funky monkey scratch pad. Or perhaps roam through their cat tunnel.

Cat’s claws grow all the time. They need to scratch to maintain claw health. Your cat can scratch the sisal cat toy or the corrugated cardboard cat scratch box. Probably not at the same time.

Set up the rotating cat feather toy in the middle of the room. Pull out your camera. Record your cat having lots of fun. No batteries. Just powered by your cat’s paws.

Key features

  • Training toys
  • Protect your home
  • Maintain cats’ physical shape
  • Many different categories and ways to play
  • Funny tools
  • 100% safe material


Brand: PaWz

Material: PP, Corrugated board, Polyester, Sisal


Cat corrugated board: 38cm x 29cm x 15cm (W x D x H)

Monkey sisal: 14cm x 45cm (W x D)

Cat tunnel: 25cm x 95cm (Dia x L)

Cat teaser: 80cm (L)

Rotating toy: 20cm x 40cm (Dia x H)

Package Content

  • 5 x Cat Toys
Weight 2.100000 kg


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