PaWz Dog Indoor Dual Door Crate With Wheels

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Got friends coming over who are allergic to your dog. Clean your place up and put Mr Pupper away in your portable dog crate for the visit. When your guests have left, let your dog roam free again.

Start crate training in your portable dog kennel. Don’t leave your dog in your crate too long to start with. Stay nearby. Gradually increase time in crate until your dog is used to the experience.

Going camping is one of life’s great joys. Take your dog along with you. Protect them in their ABS plastic dog crate. Cover it with a tarp and they will be safe for the night.

Accidents happen but they won’t ruin your portable dog cage. Lift out the false floor. Just wash it down with a hose and let it dry. Cleaning is a breeze with your new portable dog crate.

Leave the wheels on your portable kennel flat. Remove then if you want to keep your dog crate in one spot. We recommend removing the wheels if you are using it in your car.

Key features

  • Dog-friendly ABS plastic
  • Removable wheels for transporting your dog
  • Twp doors (side and top)
  • Quieter flooring
  • Easy to clean
  • Add a dog food bowl and dog bed for extra comfort
  • Lockable castor wheels


Brand: PaWz

Material: ABS

Bar Spacing: 3cm

Colour: Beige


64cm x 50cm x 56cm (W x D x H)

Top door: 28cm x 43.8cm (W x D)

Front door: 28.5cm x 35cm (W x D)

Max capacity: 40kg


81cm x 55cm x 62cm (W x D x H)

Top door: 38cm x 49.5cm (W x D)

Front door: 38cm x 40.5cm (W x D)

Max capacity: 50kg


96cm x 66cm x 73cm (W x D x H)

Top door: 43cm x 60cm (W x D)

Front door: 45cm x 50.5cm (W x D)

Max capacity: 60kg


  • 1 x PaWz Dog Kennels
  • 1 x Installation kit
Weight 7.320000 kg


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