PaWz Dog Chew Toys Squeaky Puppy Soft Plush Play Non-toxic Teething Interactive

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Fun for your dog. Fun for you. Dog squeak toys. That is really all you need to know. A dog that is playing with a squeak toy is a dog that is not scratching your furniture.

What is more squeaky than a squeaky toy? Maybe two squeak toys. Squeak toys don’t last forever so make sure you have enough to entertain your pack of dogs.

Safe for your dog. But maybe not a squeaky toy safe for your sanity. Dog squeak toys can make a lot of sound. Consider carefully. You can always hide the squeak toy when you need a break.

The pinnacle of squeaking. Dog squeak toy noise. Create a symphony as your dog chews and wrestles their chew toy. Keep your dog’s teeth in top notch condition.

Squeak, squeak, baby. Give your dog a squeak toy to play with. Reduce barking as they wrestling and bite the toy. Pick from 16 different styles made from 4 different materials.

Key features

  • Protect your home
  • Clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Training toys
  • 100% safe material
  • Built-in vocalisation


Rope toys

Brand: PaWz

Material: Cotton + TPR

Line rope toy: 23cm (L)

Loop rope toy: 20cm (Dia)


Latex toys:

Brand: PaWz

Material: Latex

Green monkey: 10cm x 20cm (W x L)

Purple alpaca: 10cm x 13cm (W x L)

Orange chicken: 13cm x 23.5cm (W x L)

Blue duck: 10cm x 28cm (W x L)


Plush toys:

Material: Polyester

Filling material: PP cotton

Long-legged cactus: 10cm x 24cm (W x L)

Yellow cap cactus: 8cm x 20cm (W x L)

Potted cactus: 10cm x 23cm (W x L)


Plush + TPR toys:

Material: Polyester + TPR

Filling material: PP cotton

Green cactus: 10cm x 30cm (W x L)

Pink rabbit: 18cm x 26cm (W x L)

Blue dog: 17cm x 15cm (W x L)

Yellow cow:16cm x 20cm (W x L)

Blue rabbit: 15cm x 28cm (W x L)

Coffee dog: 17cm x 22cm (W x L)

Pink pig: 16cm x 24cm (W x L)


  • 1 x PaWz Dog Toy
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