PaWz Dog Chew Toys Squeaky Puppy Pet Rope Plush Toy Teething 6 styles

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Fun for your dog. Fun for you. Dog toys. That is really all you need to know. A dog that is playing with a toy is a dog that is not scratching your furniture.

Throw your frisbee. Play tug of war with your dog rope or rope with ball. Let your dog play with their snake or crocodile. Plenty to keep your dog (or dogs) occupied. Keep your dog entertained.

Safe for your dog. All the dog toy materials used are designed for an active dog. But maybe squeaky toy is safe for your dog but not your sanity. You can always hide the squeak toy when you need a break.

Give your dog something to chew on or play with. Chewing a snake dog toy helps your dog’s teeth stay in top notch condition.

Squeak, squeak, baby. Give your dog a toy to play with. Reduce barking as they wrestle and bite the toy. Pick from 6 different dog toys made from 3 different materials.

Key features

  • Protect your home
  • Clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Training toys
  • 100% dog safe material
  • Snake is a squeak toy


Brand: PaWz


Snake: Polyester

Crocodile: Polyester, Cotton

Rope with double ball: Cotton, TPR

Double rope: Cotton, TPR

Rope with chew section: Cotton, TPR

Dog frisbee: TPR


Snake: 85cm x 10cm (W x D)

Crocodile: 45cm x 8cm (W x D)

Rope with double ball: 29cm x 6cm (W x D)

Double rope: 32cm x 7cm (W x D)

Rope with chew section: 32cm x 3cm (W x D)

Dog frisbee: 9cm (Dia)

Package Content

  • 6 x Dog Toys
Weight 1.000000 kg


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