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171CM DARK GREY iPET CAT TREE - SCRATCH POST - TOWER - POLE It is absolutely feline wonderland with our ipet cat tree! Built to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet, our Cat Tree include a hosts of nooks and crannies for Tom and Tabby to have hours...


It is absolutely feline wonderland with our ipet cat tree! Built to satisfy the natural instincts of your precious pet, our Cat Tree include a hosts of nooks and crannies for Tom and Tabby to have hours of fun scratching, hunting, climbing, jumping, hopping or simply lounging around. Better still, the hanging mice and rope also help to keep your cat curious and alert at all times. Plus, with its sisal-covered scratching posts and slide, you can rest assured that your furniture will stay cat-free for a very long time. Not least, the tree is upholstered with a plush velvety surface for extra comfort and style. Best of all, the firm base and sturdy construction ensures that the tree remain a durable cat haven with total peace of mind for you. Can we hear a meow to that?

Buy iPet Cat Tree, Post, Pole, Scratcher & Tower shipped directly to you in Australia

Key Features of iPet Cat Tree:

Multi-level cat tree
Sturdy wooden construction
Natural sisal poles and soft plush cover
Bed cube and swing hammock
Sisal slide and hanging rope
Includes scratching, perching, climbing, sleeping all in one piece


Specifications of iPet Cat Tree:

Material: Fir wood, plush cover, and sisal
Height: 171cm
Base dimension: 60cm x 56cm
Colour: Dark grey

Package Content
1 x iPet Cat tree
1 x Assembly kit
1 x Assembly guide



Why buy a cat scratching post for your cat?

Cat Tree

The Ozpetsupply cat tree is the perfect gift for your beloved cat. This stylish ipet cat tree was designed for active cats like yours, and your cat will cherish it for years to come! The slopes of the tree are perfect for climbing and exploring!

This cat tree house has some awesome features:

  • A TREE HOUSE IS A GREAT PLACE FOR YOUR PETS TO EXERCISE: Your cats can enjoy the view at the top of the cat tree that has several levels, so they can climb up and down.
  • HELP YOUR CATS TO RELAX: Comfortable hammocks at the top allow your cats to rest in comfort while they relax. They will feel comfortable since the hammock is spacious and airy. The hammock also has a separate sleeping area for cats.
  • AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: They will look great in any room of your house, whether it is the living room, dining room, bedroom, or patio. It will blend naturally into the rest of the décor and be a gorgeous addition to your home.
  • INVITES YOUR CATS TO A PRIVATE SPACE: Cats enjoy sleeping and relaxing in a peaceful area where the noise and disturbance of people and other animals are minimal.
Clicking on the "Add to Cart" button will allow you to own your very own ipet cat tree right now!

Cat Stand

The majority of cats like to sit on cat stands or perches to look down on their humans, possibly because they feel safer. In order to enjoy a better perspective of the surroundings, cats tend to prefer to be higher up than most people. A popular way to give your cat this ability is to provide it with a ipet cat tree or cat stand. This allows it to take in his territory while feeling safe and secure. A cat stand or perch near a window allows your cat to see everything outside. The cat feels safe in this environment, and he's also entertained by gazing out the window. Within the safety of his protected environment, he can view birds and squirrels. There are many types of ipet cat trees available today, depending on your preference. There are stand-alone cat stands, floor-to-ceiling systems, contemporary designs, and everything in between. There are many pieces of furniture that have a perch, a hidey hole, or a scratcher built right in. With just one piece, you can satisfy two of your cat's needs.

Cat Climbing Tower

Tree climbing is a common activity for cats in the wild. A more comfortable environment would allow them to see what's happening around them. They might also use trees to escape predators or hunt for prey. Indoor cats also have these instincts. Your cat can climb a ipet cat tree to check out her surroundings and escape from other cats in the house. By providing cats with a safe haven, a cat climbing tower may even reduce feline conflicts in the house. As they can easily see what is going on around them from a distance, the cat climbing towesafea great option for timid cats. If she tends to hide and avoid coming out into the open, an elevated perch or hideaway is the perfect place for her to feel secure. Your cat will not only have a horizontal territory, but also a more spacious and convenient indoor environment with a vertical cat tree. Ipet cat trees are perfect for those who have more than one cat that don't necessprefer enjoy spending time together. Cats can enjoy a tree with multiple levels, hiding spots, and perches as well as their own space. Cats love climbing cat trees, and kittens and adults alike enjoy it. It's fun for cats and adults to use their bodies to balance and reach high places. Cats can avoid damaging your furniture by scratching on a climbing tower with scratching posts built in. Ipet cat tree with hideaways may also be a good idea, so that your cat can enjoy additional privacy whenever she feels like it.

Cat Towers Australia

In order to protect your expensive furniture from your cat scratching, you should invest in ipet cat tree. Playing and exercising on this cat tree will not only protect your furniture, but also encourage your cat. Scratching platforms are covered in plush fabric, and sisal poles allow your cat to sharpen its claws. In Australia, we have a range of cat towers with resting boxes, viewing platforms, and ladders on the ipet cat tree, so your cat can jump around without getting injured. The sturdy base keeps the entire unit together, so your cat won't be injured.

Wooden Cat Tower

In case you live in an apartment with limited space, a wooden cat tree will be a great way to keep your cat entertained. Scratching is used by cats to mark their territory with scent from glands located on their paws, as well as to protect their claws. Scratching can also help cats maintain healthy claws by removing old sheaths from their claws. Scratching your furniture repeatedly in the same place is bad for your furniture. According to this study, cats were less likely to scratch inappropriately if their posts were more than 3 feet high. The reason for this is that most posts sold in pet stores are shorter than this and prevent a cat from stretching fully out. Consider adding a wooden cat tower to your cart as a gift for your cat.

Cat Tree With Scratching Post

The height of your idealistic cat tree with scratching post should be determined by several factors: the size and age of your cat, as well as the extra elements your cat likes, such as brown wood and artificial green leaves. Choosing a cat tree with scratching post that has a larger scratching surface will save you money on scratchers. At Ozpetsupply you can find a wide selection of cat scratching posts and cat trees that are inexpensive and great for keeping cats entertained. Our cat tree offers hammocks for napping, climbing ladders, hiding spots, jumping platforms, and comfy places for cats to take naps. Playing with your cats will be a lot of fun with all these fun and creative features.

Cat Jungle Gym

As they are related to kings of the jungle, our house cats seem ideal candidates to sit on thrones. Your cat can spend hours playing with the Ozpetsupply cat jungle gym. They can flex their claws, peck and flex their sisal build, remove dead skin, and mark their territory. Even though domestic cats are small in stature, they possess the genetic make-up of big cats, so wouldn't it make sense for them to lay their delicate behinds on a throne worthy of royalty?

Floor to ceiling cat tree Australia

A cat tree from floor to ceiling can be beneficial to any cat household. A small footprint makes this cat tree ideal for apartments that have limited space. Designed for scratching, stretching, jumping, climbing, sleeping in hammocks, relaxing on perches, and watching over you in style, The Tree is a fun and safe cat tree. Its VARIABLE design makes it a fun and safe option. The parts can be added as you wish and arranged exactly as you like. Depending on your cat's preference, the distance between platforms can be adjusted. On the pole, you can attach a rope, carpet, or if you want to be more playful, mix and match ropes and carpets according to your cat's scratching preferences.


Cat Trees Melbourne

Ozpetsupply ships scratcher posts, scratcher trees, poles, and towers throughout Australia from warehouses in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. Delivery is available anywhere in Australia. Scratcher posts are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and heights as well as different colors, including grey, black, brown, cream, and beige. With the tall scratch posts, your cat will be able to sit high and enjoy its new scratching tree, which is good if your cat enjoys climbing.

Natural Wood Cat Tree

The natural wood cat tree is crafted by hand from natural wood, and no two are alike. The materials used to construct it are high-quality, ensuring that your pets will have the most enjoyable experience possible. The Scandinavian appeal of this piece will add a decorative touch to your living room or bedroom. With two tiers of rattan baskets padded with soft and comfortable plush, so your cat can climb and leap with ease. At the base of the post, your cat can rest and unwind.

Designer Scratching Post for Cats

Ozpetsupply designer scratching posts for cats make a thoughtful gift that your cat will cherish for many years to come. The posts in our designer line are built specifically for energetic cats like yours! It will be fun for your cat to climb them! Purchasing this wonderful treehouse made for your furry friend is as easy as clicking the "Add to Cart" button!